Monday, September 21

MyAConnect looks to strengthen e-commerce in Africa

Buying and selling is one of the most important operations that takes place in any economy. Known to be the bedrock of finance itself, buying and selling cannot be done without if proper flow of goods and services as well as exchanges is to be possible in an economy. That asides, it is worthy of note that it is not all we wish to buy that we usually get around us. Buyers are sometimes not close to their sellers, and it happens the other way round when sellers likewise are not in close proximity to those that would be buying their wares.

In conjunction with the Tony Elumelu Foundation, a techpreneur from Cameroon has launched an programme and service which would make this process glitch-free, relatively. The programme which is called MyAConnect and has raised up to $20,000 till date will ensure that the pain in transactions involving buying and selling is totally eliminated, bringing down costs and financial exclusion in the process.

MyAConnect looks to strengthen e-commerce in Africa Technology: General

MyAConnect is still in its stage of infancy but it is expected to grow, albeit not without encountering its own challenges. Given the African landscape, it might prove an herculean task to determine drop off points for deliveries or offline pickups. Also, due to the incessant online scamming experienced in the African region, many would have trust issues as to paying or buying online. We hope the developer, Fabrice Alomo, would have a plan in play to tackle these.

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