Wednesday, December 2

Naspers sells shares in Netretail and Heureka

Naspers Limited is an Internet-based organization that was founded in the year 1915, building its headquarters in the famous Cape Town of South Africa. The company, being the 7th largest internet company in the world, have had to introduce some reforms which has over the years helped it to where it is today. Over purchases of stakes upon stakes in different companies which it feels would boost its own network, Naspers Limited has really established itself.

The South Africa based company which most recently became the largest shareholder in Russian classifieds platform, Avito, has pawned off two of its previous investments to other willing buyers. Naspers limited used to have stakes in the Czech-based online retailer going by the name of Netretail but it has sold off its stake in the company now. Another of Napers’ platforms, Heureka, was also part of the total sales made.

Naspers had plans for Netretail and eMag (another Roman-based internet retailer acquisition by Naspers) to merge and become one powerhouse of a company but since the merger wasn’t coming through, decided to drop Netretail and focus its interests on the building og eMag. Contrary to any opinion on business that might be had though, the sales of Netretail and Heureka doesn’t affect the business pperations of Naspers in the region in any way.

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