Monday, June 1

NCC: Nigeria has 145 million active mobile lines

Nigeria’s surging telecomms industry hit 145.4 million active lines in May, the Nigeria Communications Commissions, NCC, revealed.

Lead by MTN, Globacomm, Airtel and Etisalat, the GSM sector saw an increased subscriber base at the expense of Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA, which lost a sizable percentage of users and now has 1.9 million active users, against 2.2 million it enjoyed in April.

NCC: Nigeria has 145 million active mobile lines News Technology: General
Nigerians with mobile phones.

Following the increase in mobile lines, the country saw its tele-density rise from 103.91 (April) to 104.69 (May).

Nigeria is the world’s most populous black nation. With over 140 million inhabitants, the West African country’s mobile phone user base is expected to grow further in the coming years.

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