Monday, April 19

New AppleTV to include Siri support for smoother usage

New AppleTV to include Siri support for smoother usage Hardware News Technology: General

Apple Inc. is really looking to broaden its scope and widen its horizon also and this can be seen in the diverse range of products that is being manufactured by this multinational giant. From the iPhones to the Mac OS personal computer systems, to the Apple Watches and now, the Apple TV is rearing its head into the market.

Apple has added some improved features for its TV to help it gain much more appeal among customers and to work towards earning it the surname “smart”. Apple is planning to integrate the functions of Siri to include working on the Apple Music application and platform.

Siri is an artificial intelligence programme developed by Apple which relates to individuals and phone users like another person and can actually hold a conversation. Siri is also capable of obeying your voice commands and helping you launch apps, search your phone or the internet for something and even so much more. Integrating Siri with the Apple Music would mean that you can now ask Siri to play you anything which the AI would look for (via content sourcing and searching via the Apple Music platform) and play for you. That is some pretty impressive feature from even Apple.

This service would be available to customers as far as they keep up their Apple Music subscriptions. The AppleTV is also currently shipping to those that pre-ordered it.

Source : 9to5Mac

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