Sunday, September 27

New SA budget sees R1 billion rolled out for broadband infrastructure

The race to achieve better broadband all around in South Africa is on and there seems no chance for snail movement or slowing down. Just recently, the Finance Minister has announced that the department would be rolling out some massive funds which would help to catapult the broadband situation in South Africa to an even higher height.

The funds to be released, totaling R1 billion, would see reasonable improvement in the broadband infrastructure and digital service migration. This news is courtesy of the medium term budget that was prepared by the government.

According to the dignitaries who spoke on the budget, this plan, alongside other credible plans that would see increase in the supply rate of electric power among other things is done in a way to “support the economy” and cause “economic reforms to build a more competitive economy”.

The medium term budget statement reported that “The revised MTEF (medium-term expenditure framework) shifts about R9bn from within existing baselines to priority programmes. About R4.8bn is re-prioritised for upgrades and maintenance of the national and provincial road networks, R1.4bn has been identified to support provincial public transport, and about R1bn will be shifted for the rollout of broadband infrastructure and broadcast digital migration.”


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