Wednesday, August 5

Nexus 9 tablet employs technology to help paralyzed people gain control

Paralysis is a sad thing to experience and a sad occurrence to hit anyone. Asides from losing functions of parts. Of their body, they also lose the ability to evolve with technology, enjoy what we are today in the smartphone market and take charge of other perks and benefits that we take for granted. Scientists are of the opinion that things can surely change for the better for these paralyzed people and they’ve outdone themselves to prove that they are right.

If you thought that SwiftKey used to read your mind, prepare to be blown away by this new piece if technology that actually reads your mind and interprets your thoughts to the Android device you’re working on, which has been specially adapted to employ this feature by the way.

BrainGate, as this new piece of technology got christened, was built into a Nexus 9 device for test run and it worked well. The total mechanism of operation of the BrainGate involves that 100-channel electrode gets implanted in the left side of the brain, and a neuroprosthesis device placed on the user which helps to interpret various brain waves as emitted by the user of this software.

The Nexus 9 was chosen because of the smooth and powerful platform it offers and the ease of customization of the BrainGate into its OS. Also, it was preferred to developing something that would look obsolete to the select customers the technology was being developed for.

This is really the technology of the future.

Source : Singularity Hub

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