Monday, June 1

Nigerian Communications Commission gets stricter with SIM “Welcome Back”

If you are planning to lose your SIM card in Nigeria, just don’t do that yet because the NCC, Nigeria’s telecoms regulatory body, has just made the process of line retrieval also known as Welcome Back harder.

The agency said new measures were put in place to curb illegal SIM retrievals and the new rules were contained in a note tagged “Guidelines on SIM Replacement in Nigeria.”

So, welcome the new rules

  • Any SIM to be replaced must have been registered in accordance with the Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulation 2011;
  • To have your SIM card replaced, you should have in your possession a valid photo identification such as driver’s license, national identification card, voter card or an identification letter from a traditional ruler and religious leader;
  • You must have the SIM pack or other evidence of direct purchase/ownership of the SIM card in question and where that is not available, an affidavit, attesting to the ownership and loss of the SIM, must be provided;
  • You cannot have your SIM card replaced over the telephone;
  • If for any reason you decide to send someone to do it on your behalf, the person must come with a Letter of Authorization;
  • In the event you are unable to be physically present for your SIM card retrieval request, you can request for it via a secure online portal.

The commission also gave a mandatory request to network providers in Nigeria, asking them to collect all SIM swap and retrieval transactions for a quarterly submission to the NCC.

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