Sunday, September 27

‘Nigeria has 93 million mobile internet users’

The total number of users, who are surfing the Internet using their mobile devices in Nigeria, has reached 92.6 million. Statistics reports show that the number crossed the mark of 90 million in the first quarter of year 2015 — revealed when the Nigerian Communication Commission released their latest statistical data for the period.

After reviewing the data, it is clear that this huge growth of mobile Internet was largely due to the huge improvement in smartphone adoption in the country following the increase in number of affordable smartphone brands in the market.

With huge portfolios of mobile data advertisements, enticing offers and affordable range of data plans, people are using mobile data more and more. Browsers like Opera Mini are also responsible for this growth as it decreases the usage of data when surfing on the web.

Coming to the commission’s report, MTN boasts of the largest subscriber base. Currently, a whopping 43.6% of the total number of users are using MTN services. The second position went to Globacom with 20.8% of total users. The third position in the market is taken by the Airtel and the last but not the least in the market is Etisalat.

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