Sunday, September 27

Nigeria signs deal with Cuba on health transfer technology

The Federal Government of Nigeria and the Cuban government have come forward together to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which will enable both countries exchange agricultural and health knowledge.

The main function of the MoU, is to change the health standard of Nigerians through technologies transferred from Cuba. This collaboration also includes extension of agricultural development between Nigeria and Cuba.

Mr. Carlo Sosa, Cuban Ambassador and representative of the Cuban Government at the agreement, said that Cuba is all ready to help Nigerian scholars with health based knowledge and also with research results and different vaccines for some deadly diseases.

On behalf of the Nigerian government, Professor A.G.Ambali, the vice chancellor of the University of IIorin, expressed that the MoU will result a great success as Cuba has already set a global record in terms of health advancement. He also added that the University of IIorin is going to lead the research program towards finding the cures for some deadly diseases like cancer.

The MoU includes a student exchange program between the two countries which will help in health and agricultural research work in both countries. Dr John Tor-Agbidye, the president and chief executive of Jatco Network International, appealed to Nigerian non-governmental organizations to step forward for this program, as according to him the collaboration will provide a better medical climate in Nigeria if the projects are carried out successfully.

Credits: Vanguard

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