Tuesday, September 22

Nigeria turns to ICT to boost economy

The Nigerian Economy is banking on the use of Information and Communications Technology in a bid to further boost its economy, news has made known. This development was reached as a result of the country’s major source of revenue – oil – doing badly in the international market of recent in terms of its fluctuating prices, leaving the “Giant of Africa” to turn to other means of revenue generation.

The Permanent Secretary to the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology in person of Dr. Tunji Olaopa has highlighted the importance of ICT to all the major sectors of the economy and citing that the applications of this form of technology to problem-solving was inevitable.

“This has not happened magically without strategic inputs from all stakeholders, ” Dr. Olaopa, one of the many dignitaries that spoke at the last DEMO Africa event that held in Eko Suites of Lagos, said. “While we have strengthened our industry with policies, interventions and programmes, the industry is also exploring the business opportunities of our fast growing and large consuming class (over 40 million people according to U.S McKinney and Company) – by creating consumer facing ICT businesses across the country.”

He also promised the support of the Federal Government to the ICT development programme, stating that policies would favor these sector-based companies.

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