Thursday, June 4

Nigerian networks introduce shaving to balance cheaper data rates

The availability of multiple applications like BBM, Skype, WhatsApp is eating up the revenues of major Nigerian Telecommunication companies. With the budding apps, calling and short message services have taken the back seat and as a result, the telecommunication companies are facing a massive loss of revenue.

A recent report has revealed that majority of the telcos have fallen some 30% decline in their expected revenue generation. Apart from this revenue drop statistics, the report also suggested that the companies could see an additional decrease of 20% in the total revenue. In order to reclaim the loss, some of the telcos have raised data price through the means of shaving, which is eventually hurting the broadband penetration in Nigeria.

How the shaving is done

The current data plans, irrespective of the network hardly last the expected duration it is meant to last, due to increased use of internet in Nigeria. For example, I’ve been a victim of Airtel on several occasions. Buying their so called 2GB BIS plan for 1,500 naira is suicide. The last time I used the service, I hardly got 200 megabytes of data usage before I was slammed with the reality of my “data is exhausted!” What a sham?
Nigerian networks introduce shaving to balance cheaper data rates News Technology: General Nigerian networks introduce shaving to balance cheaper data rates News Technology: General

Also, I noticed that MTN SME plans burn out like fuel. Usually, when I’m in urgent need of data, I holla my friend Tosin,who is an MTN reseller. The instant relief is amazing but doesn’t change the disappointment on my face when the purpoted 1GB SME drips empty in the space of some hours amid light usage.

Please stop it, telcos

If the telecommunication companies in Nigeria make an effort to solve people’s communication problem by leveraging the internet technology, there will be very less requirements for data price hike. Internet technology is here to boom, the earlier telephone companies realize it and act upon it to provide their customers with the better data benefits and services, the earlier their losses will be recovered.

So, over to you readers. Have you been shaved before/currently being shaved? Tell us about it in the comment box below.

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