Wednesday, June 3

Nigeria’s First Bank Launches Lifestyle app

First Bank, one of Nigeria’s largest banks, has launched its first ever lifestyle app, named ‘Loop’. The sole purpose of this app is to keep the bank’s customers informed about several lifestyle contents throughout the world. With Loop, it will become easy to get up-to-date information regarding health, technology, gadgets, lifestyle, travel, business, entertainment and more in form of features, articles and videos. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will always get the much needed information over this app.

Nigeria's First Bank Launches Lifestyle app News Technology: General

Launching Loop, First Bank cited its happiness in keeping keep their benevolent customers abreast about every minute happening in their locality and across the world as a whole.

The spokesperson of First Bank believes that using Loop app will further help their customers know about the discounts and offers from a wide range of hospitality, lifestyle, retail and travel partners, apart from informing them about the world.

As of now, Loop is available as a free download on the Google PlayStore, however in the near future Loop will roll out for iOS and Windows Phone OS.

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