Tuesday, September 22

NITEL / MTEL to now be addressed as NTEL

The major telecommunications service that is resident in Nigeria, formerly known as NITEL (and still referred to that by a lot of older people in the know) have gone through a lot of structural and financial changes over the past few years which has seen the sale of the platform to some promising buyers and investors, only for the platform to be sold again.

Recently, the NITEL/MTEL outfit got acquired by another brand and the platform has promised to launch in a more dynamic way before the end of this year. The naming system that the new investors have come up with is in no way a huge diversion from what has been in use before.

Now to be called NTEL, the telecommunications service provider has earlier announced its plans to launch in grand style by providing 4G networks to the citizens of the country. Doing this would sure beat the current 3.75G network we have on ground and as well, increase their fan base and popularity.

For now, we can just cross our hands and hope that all goes well. And oh, that the name change brings about a lot more offers this time around too. Till then, let’s wait in excitement for our very own 4G networks to roll out to us.

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