Sunday, September 20

NITEL plans relaunch in style, to bring 4G LTE support

NITEL is the official telecommunications service regulator and provider in the country, and they are the standard by which all other telecomms provider is to be graded. Being our own local service though has not made this brand gain popularity amongst its citizens, making it fall out of favor with people. Sometimes, it looks like NITEL doesn’t even try to keep its head above water.

All these were soon to change though as NITEL got sold to NATCOM and partially got transmitted to mean NTEL in their name. This wasn’t the only change that came along with the name change though as the new sales brought with it new plans that are meant to endear the customer society to them again.

First move being the launch of a 4G network in Nigeria, this would surely make much more people love the service as it would cripple the pre-existing 3.75G network hands down.

Giving us a 4G network, although at an unknown price / tariff plan for now, is a good way for the business to re launch itself and it plans on doing that before the end of the year. If all goes well, with a 4G LTE connectivity option on board, this launch would be in style.

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