Monday, September 21

OLX Nigeria marks 3 years anniversary in style, celebrates car dealers

OLX Nigeria is a platform for users to advertise their selected wares and also, for interested consumers to buy. Due to its large success in the Nigerian market, OLX has now completed a third successful year of existence in the country and the outfit has chosen to celebrate the achievement in nothing less that of a grand style. The company held a gala night in Ikeja, Lagos where it rewarded some of its top-performing users with cash prizes.

OLX said it has chosen to celebrate the top dealers on its website only. The classifieds website had enjoyed more sales and market benefits from the automobiles section.

OLX Nigeria marks 3 years anniversary in style, celebrates car dealers Technology: General

The General Manager of OLX Nigeria in the person of Lola Masha¬† said, “Among the many segments of our business, the vehicle category is one of our most popular, and we have seized the occasion of our third anniversary to celebrate our top-performing dealers on our site who have played a major role in our on-going success story. We are doing all we can to boost this category and other ones by establishing operational relationships and forging partnerships with other credible brands.”

OLX, is currently available in over 40 countries, spanning over 50 languages, connecting people to buy, sell or exchange goods and services across several continents of the planet.

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