Wednesday, September 30

Online doctor-booking service DabaDoc extends to Nigeria, South Africa

Dabadoc is an online doctor-booking website that allows patients to book doctors for appointments at desired dates. The Dabadoc initiative, which was started in Morocco two years ago and launched January 2014 enables patients to find a doctor that is suitable for their needs with convenience at the fore-front of the goals. This means that patients can get doctors that are located at their areas of convenience and at suitable times when both of them can meet. The Dabadoc initiative which then allows doctors themselves to manage their appointments so as to please clients better has been extended to both the Nigerian and South African markets.

Online doctor-booking service DabaDoc extends to Nigeria, South Africa Technology: General

The launch in these two countries is part of the plans of Dabadoc to expand themselves within the African region, Nigeria and the SA being the first points of call due to the ‘strong market potential’ that these two countries offer. The service, asides boasting a large number of customers, also boasts of a stunning record of being available in 50 different cities where doctors that specialize in fields up to but not limited to, 72 are ready to respond to the needs of the patients.

The inception of this service would mean a boost for the Nigerian health sector and with doctors on-the-go and at our fingertips, healthcare just got easier.

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