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OP ED: Computer Village Lagos and the story of Iyaloja and Babaloja

OP ED: Computer Village Lagos and the story of Iyaloja and Babaloja Business What's Hot  Tinubu Lagos Computer Village  While the Asians and Caucasians think strategically, the West African is almost always emotional.
There has been an uproar with the intention of the Tinubus to appoint an Iyaloja for the Computer Village in Lagos…and probably other modern business entities. Some claim it is anti-business, anti-Igbo or anti-democracy. Whatever!
But would they have broken any law in the real sense? Hell, no!For the avoidance of doubts, the Iyaloja is a title for the Traditional African Market where the officer presides over the affairs of the Traditional Market. She is a titled Chief and a representative of the Oba or King. She collects the taxes and pays to the coffers of the Town, adjudicates over market disputes and ensures sanity. It is a part and parcel of the Yoruba Culture.
In the 1999 Constitution, the Traditional Markets are in the Residual List and under the Local Government Councils. The Local Government Council appoints a Government Liaison Officer to manage the traditional markets, and that individual, in local Yoruba parlance, is called an Iyaloja!!!The argument thus ought to be:1. Is the Computer Village a traditional market?
2. Is it under the purview of the local government?
3. Should the Iyaloja be democratically elected or appointed by the local government council or Tinubu or his daughter or the state government?If the Computer Village could come under the purview of the Iyaloja, so should the Apapa Ports or the Lagos Stock Exchange or the Lagos International Airport! They’re all MARKETS!!!So rather than us to engage in emotional outbursts, we may choose to fundamentally look at the issue. For all intent and purposes, the Tinubus have committed no offense in their bid to install Iyalojas; they see a lacuna in the Constitution and they exploit it! That’s no crime!
Yes, non-Yorubas may dominate the Computer Village, but it is located within Lagos, isn’t it? The Law might be an ass but until it is changed, it is the Law! And the Ikeja Local Government would have jurisdiction over it! If you do business in Lagos, you must abide by the rules, regulations, whims and Caprices of the government and traditions of Lagos. If you don’t like it, do the following:1. Relocate from Lagos
2. Change the Constitution.Yes, the process or the intent might be questionable but would they have broken any laws? NO!!!
The problem is not even Tinubu; the culprit is a moronic Constitution that’s intent on destroying us all. Two things:

1. Challenge the process in court (it’s 50: 50 if the judge be decent)
2. Get involved in the process and have the Iyaloja selected on a democratic basis as bonafide residents of Lagos
3. Lobby the Local Government Council and politic!
But to vilify it and call it names when no laws have been broken is scandalous! Worst case, relocate the Computer Village to a place without Iyaloja…like Owerri

Let’s change the damned Constitution and not exactly quarrel with those that exploit it. If I were in a position of power, with such an idiotic Constitution, and people refuse to have it changed, I would be a combination of Tinubu and Buhari in spite of myself!
That Constitution is a load of crap!

Now, ponder all these, be less emotional and be more strategic and #thinkAgain.

This opinion article was written and submitted by Lein Omotayo, a tech enthusiast from Lagos, Nigeria.

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  • Henry I STEPHEN

    I admire your insight and articulation in the Iyaloja and Babaloja which is the bone of contention of the rift between Igbos(major occupants)and the Tinubus,the intruders at the Lgos computer village.May I say that your article lacks objectives,it’s more on subjective than objective.We want more clarifications here; how does the idea of the computer village came up?;who financed it,the Igbos or the local governmet in Lagos?.Before you include it among the lagos state patrimony (yoruba),the questions have to be judiciously answered.Do remember the main problem was that during the just concluded elections the Igbos allegedly voted en masse against the choice of Tinubus,now in a country said to be democratic could that be used as a tool against an ethnic group that has the right to carry her duties unmolested in any part of Nigeria? One thing you must know is that the Igbos are divinely endowed even if the market is delocated to Owerri as you suggested,Yorubas will never compete with Igbos in any field despite the advantages you enjoy from the Nigeria government since independence as a result of your double game.Do remember that it was Chief Awolowo who started the problem of tribalism in Nigeria after Owelle Nnamdi Azikiwe won a landslide victory over Awolowo in the election that was organized in Lagos state then between the NCNC and ACTION GROUP which he disrupted by instigating a tribal campaign against him,which led to the red carpet crossing after which ZIK’S NCNC majority gave way to AG minority.The same Awolowo after reaching accord with Ojukwu during the civil war went to Lagos and turned to camelion by teaming with Gowon who jailed him in 1966 for treasonable fellony and put him in Calabar prison but got released by Ojukwu at the beginning of the civil war.The best gift Igbos have received from Awolowo was the food embargo placed on them which caused the death of millions of Igbo children during the war not to talk about the 20 pounds after the war bank accounts owners payments to igbos despite the fact that igbos owned over 65% of bank deposits then.Also don’t forget so soon about the so called Major Nzogwu’s coup of 1966 which was really a coup sponsored by Awolowo and for Awolowo which led to the killings of over 300 Igbo army officers and thousands of Igbo civilians in the north.Infact Igbos have suffered more in the hands of the Yorubas.Chief Tinubu being the beneficiary of Chief Awolowo’s Yoruba political heritage will not be expected to be saint over night,like father like son.Igbos are so naive they are looking for love among their ennemies just like the biblical Sampson who insisted on marrying delila despite the opposition of the parents.The beginning of wisdom is the day Igbos will realise that their worst ennemies in Nigeria is the Yorubas.They say a stitch in time saves nine.How long will it take igbos to know that they are hated in nigeria by other tribes just like the jews are hated by Islams.

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