Saturday, July 11

Open Heart surgery Live Tweeted from National Hospital in Abuja

The National Hospital in Abuja has recently live tweeted an open heart surgery performed on an eight year old Nigerian girl, suffering from congenital ailment.

The live streaming of the open heart surgery started at around 2:27 AM, which lasted till 6:08 AM, which means the surgery continued for four long hours. The hospital administration said that the live streaming of the operation was done to highlight, Nigeria’s expertise to the world.

Those four hours of operation kept many people quite glued to their computer screen. It was an emotional process for many, who spent their precious time to check what was happening. The expertise of the staffs and medical professionals were evident. Before seeing the live streaming, who could have guessed that even the government hospitals are run by experienced staffs, brimming with professional excellence?

The good news is, the operation was successful and the eight year old would soon go back to a normal life, like any other of her age. This move was completely out-of-the-box in Nigeria, but many similar instances are there in different parts of the globe. Many experts are in favor of saying that social media should be used like this, to engage people and create real conversation about things that matter.

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