Tuesday, October 20

Opening Yahoo Mail with a mobile phone

I noticed many of my friends who have phones but but without access to the Internet on the web try signing up on some social websites and other websites but fail due to the requirement of desktop browser and stuff.

You came across this post because you probably might have been trying to open an account on Yahoo  with your mobile phone but you are only seeing a mobile version of the site which is obviously void of a sign up menu. Do not go angry again because this is the solution to the problem.


It’s simple. Go to your Opera Mini, UC Web, or your default mobile browser and on the address bar type https://edit.yahoo.com and enter.

When the page loads, you will see a login form and under the form is a “Create New Account” button. Click on the button and you will see the registration page live on your phone. Just fill in the boxes with the necessary details and you are good to go…

Another method

Another way you can open a Yahoo Account on mobile is by visiting  https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_register directly.

You will see the signup form. Fill it up and click “Create Account” and that’s all. My oga at the top doesn’t even need to say anything before this works because it simply works.

Thanks for reading guys. More tutorials are on the way on .