Sunday, September 20

OpenServe to take FTTH service to 10,000 East Pretorian homes

In a bid to seek diversification, Telkom launched a subsidiary to its service and named this service unit the Openserve, which would focus much more on getting broadband across to people. Well, OpenServe has been around for barely a month now and it is already promising to roll out its own fibre to the home (FTTH) service. This FTTH is expected to power about 10,000 homes in the East Pretoria region of South Africa only which is a rather massive figure and huge plus for both Telkom and its brainchild.

This programme by Openserve would see its launch before the end of this year, and would mean that more than 10,000 homes would have the fibre network running past them and at their beck and call, needing to just subscribe to the Openserve network and start enjoying it.

The CEO of Openserve in person of Alphonzo Samuels has already said that “Openserve is committed to Telkom’s goal of reaching one million homes with fibre access by 2018 and already has the largest fibre network in the country.”

Last month, Openserve had already announced that its service would be open to the majority of people in areas such as the suburbs of Jo’burg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Kimberly, Port Elizabeth, etc.

OpenServe has a coverage map already for the area where its network would reach (at least for now) and so interested customers can check this out to know if they’ve got it or not.

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