Monday, July 6

Opinion: Apple needs to officially split apps from iOS updates

Apple needs to immediately create an official split of app from needing iOS updates, so that it will not be mandatory to update the Operating System before installing an application. The Apple Music which was launched a few weeks ago initially gained many appraisals from tech journalists, but soon critics started agreeing that the application was indeed in need of certain improvements. However, these major problems can be sought out by separating the applications from needing an entire IOS update, at the earliest. As per the policy of the organization, one has to run a full update of the existing iOS for a proper working of the latest app, as this becomes very troublesome at times.

Updating the Operating System always is completely useless in this case, making the entire process slow. Various app developers like Medium and Slack fixes the bugs automatically, without having the user to do anything. Thus, it is completely unnecessary to run a complete update of the existing iOS until some major changes are available. Apple is moving comparatively slower compared to Google, which has already taken the initiative to rip out the core Android apps, making them serviceable individually. The same should be even be done by Apple, at least for some major apps like Maps, Podcasts and Music, for the convenience of the users!

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