Tuesday, April 20

Oracle lawsuit reveals Google has made $31 billion revenue and $22 billion profit from Android

In one of the ongoing lawsuits between Oracle and Google, the counsel to the former has revealed a well-guarded secret: Google has gained a profit of $22 billion out of the $31 billion revenue from the sales of its Android products.
Google described the amount as “extremely sensitive information” that shouldn’t have been publicly disclosed. The search giant has urged the court to edit or remove the transcript from the electronic court records.

Google’s lawsuit with Oracle was filed five years ago. Apparently, Oracle accused Google of copyright violation regarding its use of Java APIs in its Android without any permission. Google insisted that APIs can’t be copyrighted and took the matter further to the Supreme Court.

With Google stating that the public disclosure could have negative effect on its business, Oracle might be in line to receive damage lawsuits from Google soon.

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