Thursday, January 21

Oukitel U7 undergoes scratch test, survives the packing knife

Motorola has looked to set the pace for others to try and keep up with with its new flagship device, the , which features a Shatter-proof technology called the ShatterSheild but it seems that this move has just gone on to spur other smartphone makers into showing us that they considered us when making screens too.

The guys over at Bluboo took their own shot at showing by performing the concrete slab and hammer test twice as earlier reported. Right now, Oukitel has obtained an invite to this club as they have also shown that the Oukitel U7 device’s screen can handle as much before it even yields at all.

The Oukitel U7’s 5.5 inch screen was used as a cutting board for cutting vegetables with the aid of a packing knife. After countless leaves and vegetables have been cut up using this device’s screen, no visible marks or scratches could be seen on the device, coming out on top in its still pristine condition.

This goes on to show that although Motorola has the ShatterSheild, Oukitel also offers something to prevent your scratches from even happening at all.

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