Sunday, October 25

Panasonic Toughpad tablet comes with 20″ 4K display, 16GB RAM, Windows 10

The Panasonic performance model Toughpad FZ-Y1 housed in a Glass fiber case for extra strength comes with some pretty impressive specs as announced officially on the company’s website, running the Windows 10 Pro with a 20-inch 4K display having an aspect ratio of 15:10 with a 3840×2560 resolution coming out sharp with 230-pixels per inch. The Toughpad also comes with some more impressive hardware such as the Intel Core i7-5600U processor clocked at 2.6GHz speed paired with a whooping 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro M5100 graphics and an option of 256GB or 512GB of storage memory variant. The device also supports Open GL which is an industry standard for handling CAD and 3D modelling applications with ease and fluidity.
The slim design of the Toughpad however houses a built-in USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPortTM Output, HDMI 2.0 Input port, gigabit LAN port, SDXC card slot and a docking connector for faster and easier transfer of large data files while ensuring the device can easily be connected to external displays, projectors, 4K cameras and other compatible devices. The device also boasts of a security of up to 10 finger recognition, an optional electronic touch pen for super-natural handwriting and a built in smart card reader.

All these features are offered by Panasonic in the compact hood of the TOUGHPAD FZ-Y1 with a thickness of 12.5mm. The tablet is built to withstand falls from heights up to 76 cm (30 inches) and will be available in December for top Dollar with its pricing starting at an estimated £3,180 (around US$4,900).

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