Thursday, April 15

Patek: Nigerian regulators were harsh on MTN

Dobek Pater is a director and senior analyst over at African Analysis which is a firm based on IT and Media Research and he seems to think that Nigerian telecommunications regulators have been to harsh on MTN considering the fine that NCC just imposed on the telecoms company, but he also didn’t fail to underline MTN’s play in the fine and the mistake on their part likewise.

Speaking to Fin24, Pater said “It’s up to the networks to register SIM cards.” He added that “The registration wasn’t followed through”

Patek: Nigerian regulators were harsh on MTN Mobile Technology: General
Dobek Pater of African Analysis. Credits: Youtube.

He also hinted that the compliance of MTN with NCC on the fine would be largely based on the issue of licensing to operate in the country which is due for an update next year, 2016.

Explaining the rationale that would have been behind MTN not de-registering the 5 million plus subscribers, Pater said that since an average of $5 in revenue was generated by subscribers, MTN could have lost well up to $25 million by just letting these people go, claiming that MTN simply chose to ‘sail too close to the wind’

Pater has also not ruled out the chance that NCC is trying to make MTN look as an example to other deterrents to any of its instructions and he made it a point to note that the recent kidnapping of Olu Falae was reportedly done with the perpetrators using unregistered MTN SIMs.

Although NCC has gotten into the pockets of Airtel, Etisalat and the likes through fines before, no one expected such a mega fine on MTN.

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