Sunday, September 27

PayPal competitor PAGA hits 17 million transactions

There are  quite a lot of Nigerian start ups in the webosphere, from the plain genius to the extremely dumb ones .  The pressure to make it big is a major driving force  and defying prevalent Nigerian socio-economic rules is a must to achieve their strategic dreams . Apparently most of them compromise standards to achieve a short lived fame, but a few others strive on despite numerous factors that work against them. Notably among the few is PAGA.

Launched into the Nigerian market on 21st February 2011, the payment platform has since grown from strength to strength. Offering  a safe and reliable way for paying bills, money transfer, airtime purchases among others, the platform is a good alternative to global players like PayPal who over the years have imposed transaction restriction on Nigerians for reasons best left for another day.

PayPal competitor PAGA hits 17 million transactions Technology: GeneralHeadquartered in Nigeria’s commercial nerve center of Lagos, the company recently  announced on September 25th  that the number of transactions it has covered in its 3 years stint has crossed a 17 million milestone , with transaction value grossing over US$1bilion. It may have taken them close to 4 years to achieve this feat, but its definitely a significant milestone in Nigerian standards.

With millions of Nigerians accessing the internet using their mobile devices, PAGA utilizes this business variable to their advantage by emphasizing a convenient transaction model using mobile devices. It may not pose a substantial to foreign payment platforms operated by Nigerians, but it is without doubt definitely going to impact the e-payment sector in the country.

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