Sunday, September 20

Pepsi to unveil ‘Pepsi P1’, company’s first ever smartphone

Pepsi is a brand that is renowned and known worldwide mostly for its constant endeavor to keep us refreshed. With a line of companies such as Pepsi Cola itself, Mirinda, 7up and the likes, Pepsi offers a wide range of refreshments and all these at affordable prices.

The US based company, PepsiCo, has recently shocked consumers and the general public with the announcement of its making a mobile phone. Whilst many believed and others expected them to not go through with the plan, it seems that the announcement is now becoming a reality as some of the specifications of the device have now surfaced.

Contrary to popular opinion that was gained by circulated rumours, the Pepsi smartphone which has been dubbed the Pepsi P1 would not be a high-end smartphone. This does not mean that the specifications are not decent or worthy of note, but that the device would not feature any overboard specifications.

Reported to have a launch date of October 20, the launching ceremony which will be taking place in Beijing would see customers see a phone with 5.5′ display, featuring 2GB of RAM and an impressive 16GB internal storage. The camera is also something to look at with the primary coming at 16MP and the front at a decent 5MP likewise. The phone would come with a 3000mAh battery and the starting price is rumored to be about CNY 1299 (about $205 USD or 41,000 naira).

With their biggest competitors in the game being Coca-Cola, it is expected that Coca-Cola might be pushed into doing something of the same.

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