Friday, November 27

Plan To Switch From Android To iPhone: How To Sync Mail, Contacts And Calendar

For smartphone users who are planning to make a major switch from one platform to another, one of the most challenging aspects is getting your data and other files from one platform to another.

In the case of moving your data from the Android platform to iOS, it could prove rather tasking but here is a single guide on how to help you sync your files from one platform to another.

To move your data, there are several options available but the cheapest and rather, easiest way is if you own a Google account which can be used to back up your data from the Android platform and then log into your account on the Apple product.

Make sure you have all your information backed up as well then:

  1. Go to Settings > Choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars > Accounts
  2. Choose Google Mail account and input your information including your Name, Email, Password, and Login.
  3. Once all your personal data is backed up, you are ready to sync your data to the iPhone.

Follow the Photo format should you have issues:

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