Sunday, September 20

Policemen save the day as Vodacom equipment reportedly gets stolen in SA

Vodacom, the leading telecommunications brand and network provider in the South African region (with their customer base estimated at a whooping 30 million) have recently fell to an attack by some thieves who succeeded in carrying away valuable materials but were later apprehended.

The thieves that attacked the Vodacom brand were said to have stolen an unprecedentedly high amount of batteries. The batteries stolen, seventy in all, were all recovered from these culprits by the law enforcement agents of South Africa.

According to the reports, the thieves were planning to make away in a Toyota Raider vehicle which drew suspicion due to the green plastic container that they were carrying, filled with these batteries.

The thieves were accosted upon which they claimed they had purchased the batteries locally. On further probing though, it was confirmed that the batteries were from. Two passengers from the vehicle, believed to have been part of the operation, fled likewise.

The driver of the vehicle, who confessed to the crime, gave further information that the batteries were meant to be supplied to a contractor of theirs in Pietermaritzburg.

The batteries are valued at around R200,000 and upon confirmation from Vodacom, it was established that the batteries were for Vodacom, stolen at Kokstad.

The batteries that were stolen come from containers providing electric power to cell towers.

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