Sunday, September 20

Popcorn Time finally closes shop for business

You might not have heard of Popcorn Times, but you would have heard of Netflix. If you’ve heard of Netflix however, this would be easy. Netflix is like an archive of various videos, movies and films which can be made available to registered users after the payment of a premium might have been made. Popcorn Times, on the other hand, is everything like Netflix but differs in the fact that it doesn’t go through all the authorization that Netflix does, bringing you these paid contents for free.

Popcorn Time finally closes shop for business Technology: General

While some of you might like the idea of the service being free, its like some people think otherwise as the service has just recently been shut down. The shutdown was announced by one of the developers of the programme who is named “Wally” (not sure if real name or nickname). The developer Wally claimed to have shut down everything, including all of the fork’s servers likewise.

In TorrentFreak’s report of the news, it was stated that “This likely marks the end of the most-used Popcorn Time variant”. From the report that was made available to TorrentFreak by the developer Wally, he claimed not to only have shut down the servers but deleted the logs also, so that they would not be “harmful” to another developer.

It is believed that this move to shut down the network came on the back of some legal action, either carried out, impending or threatened.

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