Sunday, September 20

Printivo aims higher, looks to cater for small businesses

VistaPrint, which has been around for some 20 years now, has ensured that people living in the United States and the United Kingdom have no hassles when it comes to the ordering of printed stuffs online. This is not the same case here in Nigeria where people (mostly business owners) would have to engage in daunting journeys to get someone to print their business cards for example and still have to undergo such journey to pick these up. Such was the type of thinking that birthed the idea of Printivo for young entrepreneur and Printivo founder, Ojo Oluyomi.

Ojo has lamented that “Small businesses are not really catered to. If you want to print a quantity as low as 100 business cards, you might have to travel two hours to a print shop, sit down and have someone design them, then come back in a week and pick them up.”

The Printivo platform, found just a little over 2 years ago (in the year 2013) has obtained some seed funding from Echo VC and with this, aims to be Nigeria’s own VistaPrint, launching to other English-speaking African nations as time goes on too.

Printivo has a lot of graphic designers on ground to cater to your needs online and you are also free to upload your own design to their website for printing. Printivo does not only cater to businesses as they can be the go-to people for your wedding souvenirs and related stuffs. It also offers timely delivery as places within Lagos get their orders in 2-3 days while those outside get it in a max of 5 days. This would really cater for small businesses

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