Tuesday, January 19

PushCV launches Text2Hire service to improve hiring process

PushCV has launched itself earlier in Nigeria to be one of the platforms to reckon with when it comes to employment and employment opportunities in the country, having linked up an impressive number of employees to various employers already. In a bid to further improve its service, PushCV has then launched its SMS based service which has been dubbed Text2Hire. The Text2Hire is an easy to use service with which employers can get hold of quality candidates to fill up vacant positions by just picking up their phones to text. This service is also the first of its kind in Nigeria.

The usage of the Text2Hire service is pretty simple. Employers or recruiters need just send a message in the form [HIRE] [POSITION] to 30812 and eligible candidates would be supplied to these recruiters. Although, the rate at which the CVs would be delivered is still unknown, it is believed that record time would be the target of PushCV if they wish to make this innovation gain some traction.

The Text2Hire service has already been trademarked and can be accessed on the four major Nigerian networks – MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel.

PushCV is also cranking its service up a notch by introducing the Mock Interview with which they aim to help potential employees get prepared for their next interviews.

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