Tuesday, September 22

PuzzlePhone enters modular smartphone industry with IndieGoGo campaign

have little by little and they would, if all goes well, take over due to their cost effectiveness in the long run. For those who are new to this concept, modular smartphones are those that you can use and over time, customize and upgrade them yourself. Now, the customization here isn’t about the software, its the hardware, and all these can be done by you.

One modular smartphone company has released a device, called the PuzzlePhone, which would allow users modify three essential parts of the device. These parts have been called the Spine, the Heart and the Brain of the device. What these translates to in layman terms is the Screen, Battery and Main Electronics of these devices.

Starting from the third of November, the smartphone company would be offering its model for pre-order and it has chosen Indiegogo for its crowdfunding campaign.

The least expensive of the bunch would be sold for about €299 while limited and special edition offers could see their prices rise up to about €699. From Indiegogo, the regular price of the device would be either of €449 or €499 depending on the variant (determined by the storage capacity) and the final retail price of the device would be €599.

As at the time of writing, specifications of the smartphone are yet to be released.

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