Sunday, September 20

Qualcomm comes for haters, blasts Snapdragon 820 critics

As reports surfaced earlier this week about the Qualcomm 820 chipset which is supposed to be a component of the much expected Samsung Galaxy S7 being fixed due to its overheating problem which has been a major flaw of its predecessors, Qualcomm on Thursday came out to dismiss the rumours. The US based company correspondence with Gadgets 360 on Thursday via email said:

“The rumours circulating in the media regarding Snapdragon 820 performance are false. The Snapdragon 820 improves on all IP blocks and is fabricated in the second generation of the 14nm process technology. It is satisfying the thermal and performance specifications from the OEMs.”

The company further went ahead to post a similar message on its Weibo page as well.

No comments have been received from Samsung on the matter as they were reported by BusinessKorea to be involved in the overheating fix fiasco leading to modification of the processor’s control program to deal with the issue and make perfect the chipset in readiness for production, launch and roll out of the Galaxy S7 expected sometime in January, 2016.

It is to be noted that LG Flex, the first smartphone to incorporate the SoC complained about some heating problems it faced with the processor but sourced out and implemented a fix to rectify the overheating problem. The Xperia Z3+ suffered a similar fate as reported by its producers Sony and the HTC’s One M9 was no different in suffering the overheating issues due to the chipset incorporation in the various devices.

Xiaomi however on a separate not confirmed it has worked with Qualcomm to produce a customized version 2.1 of the Snapdragon 810 processor optimizing it for the Mi Note Pro.

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  • issa

    it just a lie the snapdragon 820 won’t be has hot as its previous sibling 810, the 820 has 60% increase performance and 40% less power consumption

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