Sunday, September 20

Quick Reply feature now available on Whatsapp from iOS 9.1

Most times, it gets frustrating when we get a notification from an application and then have to open it, check, close, then get another notification. This cycle can be tiring because as you and I know, opening up applications start to get boring after a while as the load time starts to stick on memory. This in mind, a new feature was rolled out some very long while ago to the users of the iOS 8 on the Apple platform. This feature, named the Quick Reply, would enable you to reply to messages you’ve got in a flash, not having to launch the actual application. It is also worthy of note that the feature released then was much more of a market test version as it was only made available to the Apple Messenger itself.

The Quick Reply feature lets you reply messages ASAP anywhere without opening the Whatsapp app.

There’s good news now though as Apple has extended this feature to include the Facebook Messenger and Skype with the advent of the iOS 9 software version. Now, Apple has rolled out a software update that would not only see users get to OS 9.1, it would also make sure that Whatsapp is added to the list of Quick Reply supported applications of the iPhone.

Apple extended their generosity to the Apple Watch concepts too, allowing versions that are now running on watch OS 2.0.1 to reply to Whatsapp messages with a host of preset (or custom) replies and the option to dictate an answer to the wearable otherwise.

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