Thursday, January 21

Rancard launches social recommendation platform, Rendezvous

Rancard is a Ghana based institution founded in the year 2001 whose services are mostly based on the provision of cloud based software and which can be used for mobile discovery and deliveries. Rancard has then, in this year 2015, gone on to launch one of its cloud based software which has been named Rendezvous.

Rendezvous, which has been in use for a while (probably as a sort of beta test before launch), is a platform that has been developed to help people connect to their needs via the technology of social recommendations from key people in your social circle.

Rancard launches social recommendation platform, Rendezvous Technology: General

Rendezvous has an innovative cost per pricing (CPA) plan set in place which means that you won’t be required to pay even if your needs are not met. With the CPA, you only pay for services that has met your need.

“Social recommendations are the most trusted from engagement for most people viewing ads, on browsing online stores, publisher apps and portals,” Kofi Dadzie, the CEO and Founder of Rancard, has said at the event of launch.

He further added that “Recommendations from people you
know and trust are made possible by Rendezvous with a map of shared interests among people in a social graph. The Rendezvous technology is optimized to take advantage of this form of marketing.”

The Rendezvous is on its way to become great as some brand names such as Yellow Brick Road have used it and attested to its resourcefulness.

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