Friday, September 25

How to reduce Google Maps’ effect on your battery

Google Maps is one of the most useful applications on an Android smartphone. Giving you access to places, locations and as well, real-time directions, the Maps by Google has come to stay.

As useful as this application is, it does not come with its own downsides. No. We’re not going to talk about the enormous amount of data it uses today. We’re going to talk about the battery power it drains.

You might have noticed that your Google Maps app has been running and your battery gets drained faster. You might have even checked your “Battery Usage” tab under your settings and discovered that Google Maps uses an unbelievably much amount of data. Even thought there’s no way to completely fight this, there are things to do to alleviate the situation. Below are some surefire ways to make sure your Google Map doesn’t drain as much battery anymore.

1. Turn Off GPS

GPS is a pretty cool feature that comes with Android devices, unless its draining your battery. You can turn this feature on in your notifications tab anytime by just swiping down on your android or toggle it off in the settings menu.

2. Turn Off Location

Asides from the GPS service, the Locations feature that comes with the maps is a real battery killer. You can control this yourself by turning off this feature in your settings menu.
Note that turning this off might affect the functionality of other apps, but you would be able to live without them.

3. Clear Cache and Data

Cache is your phone’s way of keeping a diary pertaining to every action you’ve performed. This is so that it as a memory of things you’ve done nd doesn’t start from initialization when next you run the programme. It can get pretty old though and start misbehaving, even causing your battery to drain. Go to your Settings menu, then click on your Applications’ tab. Search for Google maps and clear the cache and data associated with it.

4. Downgrade / Disable Google Maps

This should be considered as a last resort. When all else seems not to work, it wouldn’t take you anything to downgrade (or install an older version) of Google Maps. You can disable it totally likewise to eradicate it and its effects once and for all.

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