Sunday, September 20

Report: Samsung to launch three Galaxy S7 variants in 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the phone running around in the press now and with the leaks coming out very fast and soon too, all fingers are pointed to an early January release due to the revamp in the Samsung’s manufacturing process.

That asides, we’ve heard a lot of interesting things so far about the Samsung Galaxy S7. In the case that you haven’t been a regular here, let’s try and summarize what we have been expecting so far to you, that you may join in our excitement.

The Samsung Galaxy S7, coming at a decent 5.5 inch of screen has been rumored to have a 20MP camera (rear, obviously), come with support for a USB Type C cable, run its own Force Touch software (something like the apple 3D Touch) and run on an Exynos or Snapdragon processor – the latest versions of either.

New reports have now pointed to the event that there would be two Samsung Galaxy S7 devices on launch when the time actually comes, and they would be different in the size of screen they carry – one sporting a 5.2” while the other, 5.7″. This is not so hard to believe, going by what has been done on the S6 and S6 Edge+ but what is kind of hard to believe is the news that these devices would be launched simultaneously.

Keying in to all rumors, we should be looking at a Galaxy S7 with a 5.2″ flat screen panel, one with a 5.2″ curved screen panel and finally, one with a 5.7″ flexible display.

Tough call here. Who said seeing isn’t believing?

Source : SamsungViet (translated)

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