Reports: Samsung working on new Exynos chipset for upcoming Galaxy S7

It shouldn’t be news at all to anyone here who has been an ardent reader and follower of this awesome technological space that Samsung has been building its own processor (Exynos technology) for a while now and they’re getting pretty good at their job in the process, even using the highly efficient 14nm process. New reports have however showed up to suggest that Samsung is developing a new and much more powerful Exynos processor that would run in its yet-to-come Samsung Galaxy S7 device.

This processor chip, Exynos 8890, would be mass-produced and also feature a custom CPU that would be designed by Samsung itself, which reports have named to be M1. It is also the reported that the chips would be mass produced at Samsung’s Giheung plant as early as December.

Earlier reports have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S7 would make use of eight different CPU cores specially customized. The better news out of this has to be the fact that these would have a peak clock value of 2.3GHz. That’s an amazing processor speed on a smartphone if the plane is followed through.

Although plans have been made for the S7 to run on Samsung’s chips, Samsung still hopes to partner up with Qualcomm so that its chip production process would not delay the shipping of its products to some regions.

Source : Business Korea

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