Sunday, September 27

See how your RETWEETS can put you in serious trouble

Everyone loves a retweet once in a while; but did you know it could mean an endorsement of a product or a terrorist group? Yes it could because the FBI has arrested a 22-year old American for his retweets, which seem to endorse the terrorist group called ISIS.

Of course, the FBI is a long way from reaching twitter users in Nigeria, but given the fact that about 38 million mobile lines were recently suspended for incomplete data by the NCC due to the security threat they pose to the nation; it might not be long before the government starts looking towards that direction.

See how your RETWEETS can put you in serious trouble Technology: General

According to the NY Daily News per TechCrunch, the FBI has arrested a 22-year old American, Ali Saleh who resides in Queens who retweeted some tweets posted by ISIS on their Twitter page. This, according to the FBI is an indication that the young man supports or is planning to join the terror group.

So when next you log in to your Twitter account, you want to show some restraint when your “retweet” fingers start getting itchy or you could be attracting some unwanted guests soon.

I am not trying to sound like an alarmist here, but some of us need to pull the handbrake on some of the tweets we retweet because they could actually be seen or interpreted as endorsement.

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