Tuesday, October 20

Roll over your MTN unused Internet Data Bundles to the next subscription

MTN with their evergreen improvement and development are here again to make their users have the best experience of telecommunication and Internet facility.

The good news here now is that you can now roll over your unfinished MTN Internet Data Bundles in case, you couldn’t exhaust it during the eligibility period.

MTN understands the fact that you might be busy at times and you don’t have enough time to exhaust your normal Internet Bundles. They also understand that it can be a pain in the ass to see your paid bundles wasted without utilizing it due to one reason or the other, anyway you don’t have to worry as their new development as made things better.

How to Roll over your MTN Internet Data Bundles to the next subscription.

To roll over your MTN Internet data bundles that you previously subscribed to and could not exhaust, you must be an active user and your line must be frequently recharged.

Also you must note that this service is only available to monthly subscription plans only.

In order to roll over our data you must recharge your Phone with the exact amount that the Data bundles cost, by so doing you will be automatically subscribed to a new data plan and your unfinished data will be automatically rolled over into the new one.

For example, if you subscribe for the monthly night plan of N2500on 15th of this month, and you could not finish it, you must make sure you recharge your Line with another N2500 MTN airtime before 15th of next month so that you will be automatically subscribed into another MTN night plan and your unfinished Data will be rolled over into this new subscription.

You can now stay safe and use your data without any loss or feeling of been cheated! Life rocks!

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