Wednesday, September 30

Rwanda building world’s first “drone port”

Plans are underway and proposals are already being submitted to create what is termed ‘drone routes’ which would enable drones fly long distances to deliver supplies to areas and points where they are needed. The proposal includes plans that will make allocations for the drones to travel distances of over 100km at once to supply the packages that they are carrying. This would create a breakthrough in the transportation industry as much needed packages, most essentially medical supplies would now be gotten to locations where they are needed as at when due.

Rwanda building world's first "drone port" Technology: General
A delivery drone. Image source: Forbes.

Rwanda has been listed by people including Norman Foster, the renowned British architect, as one of the routes that would be plied by these drones to supply cargo on a massive scale to remote areas. When this plan finally launches, Rwanda which is situated in East Africa, will become be the world’s first drone-port location.

Given the landlocked nature of the country, and the natural obstacles offered by the hills that envelope the country, access to some areas in the country is rather challenging and therefore requires such initiative.

The proposal which first featured on the programme of Foster + Partners and the Afrotech company linked to it hopes to achieve the aim of producing three-metre long drones capable of lifting about 10kg of weight. The project is due for commencement next year and by the year 2020, three drone ports are expected to have been completed within the nation.

It is expected that asides from contributing to the overall infrastructural development of the nation, it would also boost the medical facilities and health status of Rwandans, especially those in areas where this goal would not have been met.

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