Rwanda calls for Digital Innovation drive in Africa

Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, obviously understands the importance of ICT in the development of any economy as his speech as the recently concluded Africa Summit was to urge African leaders at developing the potential of their young ones in this digital department.

“In Africa, we are fully aware that our continent has often missed opportunities to accelerate development. [By] placing ICT at the core of our transformation agenda we can make sure that Africa is never again left behind.” the Rwandan president noted.

The President showed he was not just there for blabbertalk or mouth talk as he had done his research before coming, carefully outlining the areas of concentration if this project is to be achieved. He also concentrated on the issue of innovation being a sure way to drive the African economy to one that would now be able to compete on a global scale:

“ICT is increasingly making access to world class education and information affordable to everyone,” said Kagame. “Africa can no longer be excluded from globalization, we must develop our human capital and productivity using the same methods that are taken for granted in many other places. That doesn’t mean anything will be easy, the existence of technology doesn’t automatically change lives.
A mindset of curiosity, responsibility and hard work is necessary if we are to become our best selves and to compete effectively in the wider world.”

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