Sunday, September 27

Safaricom announces opening of M-PESA API portal

Safaricom, the Kenyan mobile telecom firm has announced that they will open M-PESA’s API for developers. With this, Safaricom is expecting that developers’ apps that are compatible with the M-PESA portal, will subscribe to M-PESA data and infrastructure bundles which will attract some charges.

Safaricom experts are also expecting that they will come up in the market with a state of art solutions like business to consumer (B2C), consumer to business (C2B), business to business (B2B) and more creativity and innovative apps.

According to Betty Mwangi, director of the Safaricom’s financial services, Safaricom had always worked for new innovations as innovation is the heart of the company. Not only that, he also accepted the fact that this innovation is not coming up only by  Safaricom’s engineers solely efforts, as it also includes efforts from the partnerships of the “best possible solutions”.

Industry experts feel that this opening of M-PESA’s API to developers have been made is not unrelated to the recall of Safaricom’s servers from Germany to its Kenyan facility and also for the introduction of another e-commerce platform named as Lipa NA M-PESA.

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