Tuesday, September 22

Safaricom launches Hakikisha to fix M-Pesa customer problems

M-Pesa has been around for a while and it has really been a resourceful service finding widespread use and application. Launched by Safaricom and still currently and successfully run by the company, the service is also a crowd favorite as it garnered subscribers in excess of 21.7 million by October, 2015. With this number of users also come a great deal of complaints on the desks of Safaricom, the most frequent being of users making transactions to the wrong persons and sending money to unidentifiable personnels. These complains are so much that they have been estimated to reach a stunning 12,000 per day. In light of these events, Safaricom has launched a feature into its M-Pesa service that would allow user see the name and details of the person they would be transacting to before the final transaction is done.

This feature, added as a pop-up, has been called Hakikisha and is present on the peer to peer (money sending) as well as the consumer to business services, as well as on agent withdrawals.

On any given day we receive an average of 12,000 calls from our M-PESA customers seeking to have reversals done for transactions made to the wrong recipients. ” said the Director of Financial Services for Safaricom, Betty Mwangi. “While a majority of these are resolved
successfully, we appreciate that this is a major inconvenience for our customers.”

Safaricom hopes that with the launch of this Hakikisha feature, much more online transactions would be made in the country and with ease.

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