Thursday, April 15

Samsung agrees $25 million mega deal with Rihanna

Sometimes last month, Jay Z – an American rap artiste, founder and owner of Tidal and the CEO of Roc Nation – was seen leaving the offices of Samsung and reports suggested that he could have been there to talk deals of Tidal sale to Samsung. Tidal is basically a music streaming service that was developed by Jay Z. However, with recent news hitting the press on Rihanna signing a major deal with the South Korean giant smartphone manufacturer, the reasons behind Jay Z’s visit to the Samsung base can now be determined.

The deal between Rihanna and Samsung is reportedly worth some $25 million and this money would be pumped into financing Rihanna’s tour with which she aims to promote her upcoming album as well as sponsor the tour which she would be going on later.

This huge money deal would mean that Samsung would in turn be able to use Rihanna and her images to promote their business as there are indications already that the South Korean OEM would use the American singer to further promote its Galaxy breed of devices. There are also indications that Rihanna would be involved in the marketing and promotion of the Milk Music service.

Samsung is no stranger to having deals with the Roc Nation as it is open knowledge that the company bought a million copies of the Magna Carta Holy Grail album by Jay Z.

Source : NY Post

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