Wednesday, December 2

Samsung boosts East African maternal healthcare with ICT-based solution

The arm of Samsung Electronics that is present in the East African region has currently kicked the way it cares for its customers up a notch by partnering up with VSO to bring healthcare to mothers, both nursing and otherwise , as well as infants.

This innovation, said to have been introduced by the employees of Samsung Electronics in East Africa at the Riruta Health Clinic in Dagoretti Sub-County of Nairobi, would see their partnership with VSO result into an ICT-based solution to improve the health of the child and its mother likewise.

The solution would help health workers perform their jobs much better and evenly well, switching them from scenarios where they had to enter data, file and access it manually to a new era where ICT is taking over, helping them to do that electronically now. It would also allow them keep in touch with pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy, give access to their medical records and so on, enabling these medical personnels to serve better.

HIV and AIDS awareness were taken into consideration for this innovation likewise, giving priceless information on how to prevent the transmission of this deadly disease from mother to child.

Samsung boosts East African maternal healthcare with ICT-based solution Technology: General
Samsung Electronics’ Vice President and COO in East Africa, Robert Ngeru, helps weigh a newborn in Kenya.

“This initiative is an important step towards embracing the real needs of healthcare providers and patients. We aim to leverage our technology to help individuals lead healthier lives, while delivering healthcare providers the tools they need to improve clinical outcomes,” the Vice President and COO of Samsung Electronics in East Africa, Robert Ngeru, has said .

Speaking further on the innovation and its importance, Ngeru added,   “We are all aware that mothers are the foundation of our society and givers of life which is why we need to take care of them. This project is designed to deliver on that promise and ensure that our health sector fulfills its mandate to boost the health of Kenyans in general.”

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