Sunday, September 20

Samsung donates Solar Powered Internet School to Uganda

Samsung Mobile, one of the leading smartphone brands with a relatively big consumer base in Africa have recently reached out to Uganda with solar-powered internet support.

At the 5th Innovation Africa Summit which would end later this week, one of the technological innovation dicsussed was the Solar Powered Internet School and Samsung has already pledged that it be launched in Uganda before the end of October.

The SPIS is a 40-feet long container that has been standardized with necessary facilities and equipped with adequate infrastructure to make up a class and decent learning environment for students. It is equipped with 24 laptops that have been specifically designed for the same amount of students, a teacher laptop which has access to and monitoring control over the two-dozen of student laptops, a server, multi-purpose printer, and air conditioning to keep the temperature conducive. It also features a 50-inch e-board used to provide interactive reading and learning experience and not to forget, solar panels to keep the school up and running.

This initiative has been launched in six different countries by Samsung and the beneficiaries include Kenya (Arap Moi Primary School), Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

It is expected that the donation of the SPIS to Uganda would go a long way to help the development of education and aid the Ugandan Ministry of Education to integrate ICT into schools.

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