Thursday, June 4

Samsung trains 53 engineers in Nigeria, 60 in Kenya

It was delight at Samsung Electronics’ Engineering Academy in Nairobi, Kenya, as 60 people graduated from the school on the 10th of August 2015.

In Nigeria, the academy rolled out 53 graduates from its West African mission that was piloted in partnership with the Lagos State government through the World Bank-supported Lagos Eko Secondary School Education Project.

Samsung trains 53 engineers in Nigeria, 60 in Kenya News Technology: General

Samsung says it wants to train no fewer than 10,000 engineers in Africa by the end of 2015. The world class electronics company has set up various centers for training of batches of engineering undergraduates who get to learn about repairing refrigerators and other appliances where at the end of the training, each successful candidate gets a “Samsung Engineering” certificate.

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