Wednesday, September 30

Samsung Electronics unveils digital village in Kasenga, Congo

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new digital village in Kasenga, Democratic Republic of Congo. The new digital village, which includes a multipurpose package, will serve the interests of sectors like education, healthcare and technology.

This is coming amidst the current political crisis bedevilling the east African country. There couldn’t have been a better time for a project like this as it would lift the spirit of a country that has been enmeshed in some sort of crisis of late. The package will also include; a solar powered internet school, a tele-medical centre and generator for the admin centre, reports Ventures Africa.

Samsung Electronics unveils digital village in Kasenga, Congo Technology: General

The internet school is shipping containers, which generates close to nine hours of electricity from its solar-powered roof. The container normally comes with a 50-inch electronic board as well as an internet-enabled notebooks and computers.

Samsung Electronics, according to the report, expects the solar-powered internet school to admit about 24 learners, while the admin centre is geared towards creating a platform for neighbouring entrepreneurs, schools and communities.

Bill Kim, Samsung’s Managing Director for east Africa, said that the initiative is aimed at providing a complete educational infrastructure, complete healthcare solution and increasing business growth through solar power generation. He also reiterated his company’s plan to adopt innovative solutions to help meet the peculiar needs of countries in Africa.

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